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All of life’s problems can be solved with the proper application of proportions

That’s a really long title. But it’s true.

I’ve been working on my Pegasus canvas again. After ten false starts free-handing (because I can never find free time when the darned projector is available), I had a revelation: I didn’t need to sketch the Pegasus from scratch, I just needed to enlarge that. All I needed to do was figure out the scale. Which, as my title might have indicated, can be easily found by setting up a proportion math problem. For those of you who were wondering (no one I’m sure), one inch on my 8.5″ by 11″ sketch translates to 4.25″ on my humongous canvas that’s bigger than me.

I don’t make any claims about being good at math. But at least I know when I need it and how to use it when the opportunity presents itself.

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