Sketching Pegasus

My library has a pretty cool looking children’s room. Part of the coolness comes from one of Julie’s brilliant ideas: super size canvases with book characters hanging around the massive walls of the room. (The library used to be a court house so the ceilings are high.) Anyway, there are five canvases right now showing a genie, a dragon, Rapunzel/Julie, Punch of Punch and Judy, and a bunch of super cute nursery rhyme characters. Anyway, there’s this gaping hole where a canvas was supposed to go (one of my “friends” had volunteered to paint it but, among many other screw ups that happened to coincide with when we lost touch, he backed out). So Ralph decided that he would paint one.

About a month ago Ralph was talking to Lea about the need for one more canvas beside his and I, being nosy and opinionated, decided to put in my two cents (from across the room) and say that the next canvas should feature a Pegasus (I’m a mythology nerd). Ralph countered, in his way, why don’t you make it.

I said okay. And, to cut this longish story somewhat shorter, Ralph recently purchased all of our materials (“I didn’t even look at prices,” he said). As a result, I recently started working on my sketch of said Pegasus. Two little girls in the CR said it was “very pretty.” Most of my coworkers are gobsmacked that I was able to copy an online image free hand to create the sketch (as opposed to tracing which feels like cheating).

The problem with my online reference is that the hind legs are cut off. Those legs are kind of important though because the Pegasus is standing on its hind legs to better fill the canvas. So I spent today trying to “finish” the sketch by adding feet. Turns out this is harder than you would think.

“All right” revisited

Miss Print: “How’s it going?”

GC with a barely straight face: “It’s going all right.”

Later . . .

Miss Print: “Reading a memorable book?”

GC: “Yes.”

Miss Print: “How is it?”

GC: “It’s an award winner. It’s all right.”