No more half-assed blogs

Lea: “I’ve been trying to cut down on distractions. So I temporarily shut down my blog. I plan on bringing it back later, but right now I feel like if I worked on it I’d be doing a half-assed job and I don’t want to do that. I want to give it my . . . ”

Miss Print: “Full ass?”

Lea: “Yes. You know where I’m coming from.”

Passing the mantle

Last year I made a myspace page for the library where I work. This year I decided I wanted to edit down my email accounts/websites so I decided to offer the big shots at the library control of the building’s myspace. I passed that particular mantle of power to Ralph today at work and now feeling strangely lost without it. (I also deleted an email account and am closer to deleting my own myspace, both of which are good things.) Even though the site wasn’t that useful to the library during my phase of leadership, I feel somewhat dispensable now that the site is no longer in my control. These fears are tempered by volunteering to help with tons of things in the children’s room and all around the library that no one else does for whatever reason.

Also, currently in the middle of doing my taxes. I hate taxes and would totally hire someone to do them for me, except I make so little money that it seems silly to pay out even more money to avoid the hassle.