A day in the life

With the passing of my birthday, I decided to post one last introspective blog for the start of the new year.

My favorite birthday gift was a combination of a terrarium and an automated plant light. Three of the four plants are sprouting and I am confident the fourth will also show signs of life soon. I have also started my last semester as an undergrad and things are looking good so far. I’m even working on my massive thesis story again with some new inspiration. Someday (preferably by May) it might even be readable.

Operation library school is also well underway, and perhaps out of my hands. I just need to send in a financial aid form and  then my work is done (until I find out if I got in at least).

Lastly, I have a bunch of material in my queue to post on here but it’s all fragmented and in draft stages so I need some time to finish/fix things before they will be posted.

Life is good. I’m even finally feeling better and less sick.