No, really. I’m twenty-two.

A mother came into the library looking for horse books. I don’t read horse books so I sent her to Lea since she is a librarian and has the training to deal with such questions. While Lea was helping her the woman proceeded to ask about page positions in the library (hourly positions designed for students).

Being ridiculously nosy, I decided to put in my ten cents since I had been a page for quite some time before getting promoted.

Woman: “So could you get school work done here? Obviously you have time to read.”

Miss Print: “Well, being a page is pretty mellow. But this is actually a different job.”

Woman: “Oh, how old are you?”

Miss Print: “I’m twenty-two.”

Woman: “You look a lot younger. Do you get carded?”

Miss Print: “. . .”

One thought on “No, really. I’m twenty-two.

  1. Wow, I only get carded by creepy, blind, old guys. :) There are some perks to looking younger than you are, but I never got any of them.

    btw, I “tagged” you in a survey. Check it out


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