YA kick

On Monday a woman came in returning a book I had chosen as a staff pick (I wrote up a little review and put it on a special display shelf with the other staff picks). The book was a young adult title called “Lily’s Ghosts” by Laura Ruby. It is one of my favorite titles. Upon asking the woman if she had read it she replied that she had. She added that she had lately been on a YA kick because she didn’t read much of it when she was a young adult.

I then told her that I was the one who had put out the staff pick. She replied, “Oh it’s you. Your recommendations are the main reason for this kick because a lot of the titles you put out are ones that appeal to me.”

Sometimes it’s nice to be appreciated for the little things.

One thought on “YA kick

  1. That is so cool. It’s kind of similar to when a customer asks who makes the review collages for each genre section and when I tell them that I do, they go into this whole story of looking on my review boards to find a new read. It makes me warm and fuzzy inside because those collages take tons of my time to make

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