“I’m all right.”

This is why I shouldn’t be allowed to speak when I’m at work.

Miss Print: “How’s it going?”

GC: “All right.”

Miss Print: “Why are you always all right? You’ve been saying that every time I ask for the past month. What’s wrong?”

GC: “All right is my blanket term.”

Miss Print: “So all right is okay . . . ”

GC: “Maybe if i win the lottery I’d say something else like okay.”

Miss Print: “That would be better than all right?”

GC: “Or ‘all right’ in all capital letters.”

Miss Print: “Okay . . . I’m glad we resolved that. I was worried.”

GC: “I appreciate the concern but I’m all right, all capital letters.”

Miss Print: “Glad to hear it.” [Walks away]

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