Fun with writers

Yesterday I dragged Che to a teen event at the library. David Levithan, Matthue Roth, Aimee Friedman and Claudia Gabel (YA writers all) came to read from their super new, super cool books. It was awesome! I have about ten more books I want to read now (counting the authors’ collective output since they started writing).

Levithan also signed my liberated copy of “Boy Meets Boy” which was exciting even though I sounded really goofy while talking to him. (He was worried at first that it was a library book but then I explained that it was discarded.) He signed the book thanking me for saving it from “cast-off obscurity” which seemed very cool to me.

After this event I have come to two conclusions. The first is that I get very starstruck around writers I like and babble nonsensically. The other conclusion is that writers of prose (at least the ones I have seen speak which mainly consists of teen authors) are fundamentally different from poets (again the ones I have met) in their humor, candor and general approachability.