What a difference a shade makes

Or a whole lamp as the case may be. My mom and I bought a new lamp which arrived on January 3. After an intensive assembly session we turned it on and were amazed to discover that is casts bright, pure light–and with only 150 watts. Our old lamp used giant, hard to find, expensive, wide based 300 watt bulbs. Each bulb would only last a week at full brightness before shifting to semi-dark yellowish light much like a dimmer was in use. (Some bulbs just blew out after a week.) For the first time in perhaps more than a year I am sitting at my computer and do not need to the aid of a desk lamp to see. Let me tell you, that’s thrilling (even after four days).

Operation Library School status: FAFSA is done, TAP application is done. Two recommendations received. Transcript copy pending. Online application almost done. Statement of purpose remains murky but now that the house is undecorated (for Christmas) I can take the new free time to really hammer that out (at last).