Mission Organized

2007 is finally over. All I can say is I am grateful. Last year will not go down in my book as a red letter one–the last half in particular was frustrating and can easily be described as a train wreck. There were lots of fun times and good things which, if you know, I’m sure you’ve already heard about. But emotionally the year was one of the most draining I have ever had for reasons, unfortunately, that still remain unclear to me.

I had been afraid that it would take more for the tide to turn than just the start of 2008. I was wrong. While my mom and I toasted the new year with homemade mimosas (canned sparkling wine and Tropicana OJ–a very odd combination indeed), I felt a weight lift. It was a new year and soon I would be 22–another new year of sorts. I could start fresh and forget about all the mistakes and disasters from 2007. That chapter was over (book pun intended).

I spent most of new year’s eve cleaning my desk area. I got rid of three large garbage bags filled with papers I no longer needed and junk I no longer wanted. The strangest thing is I can’t even remember what some of that stuff was anymore–a sign, perhaps, that I was right to throw it out.

I have empty shelves for the first time since 2004. I know where everything is, what everything is and I can see almost all of my desk area. It feels great. I find myself wandering over to this part of the apartment just to admire my work. This is my first organization/purging effort that I’ve done entirely on my own and I am still rather proud of myself.

Getting¬† rid of all that stuff was the last of several loose ends that were tied up in 2007. It felt like closure that was much needed. At the same time it also feels appropriate since I’ll be graduating in May, which still feels disconcertingly close while being far off enough to seem vague. Having given myself December to relax, I am now working on Operation Library School with full force. This operation is proving more nerve wracking than I would have liked, but I remain cautiously optimistic. Wish me luck.