MissPrint is not a misprint

I’m sitting in the university computer lab on a Friday night killing time (two hours now) until a meeting for the lit mag. It’s eerily empty here, which I guess makes sense because no one chooses to hang around school on Friday when they could go out or, even better, home. Before reading more submissions, I thought I’d write up one of those promised posts.

This week has been crazy. Very productive in spite of my anxiety running higher than normal.

The real reason for this post though, as illustrated by the title, is to point out that the word “misprint” has only one s. I sometimes search for this blog on search engines or technorati.com to see what search parameters will bring it up. Whenever I use my ID (missprint in case anyone didn’t pick up on that), I also get tons of hits for people talking about missprint books, signs, etc.

I might be what would be called a grammar/punctuation vigilante. For this reason, I am confident that bad spelling and sloppy punctuation can be stopped if we all just try a little harder. My rally cry? “MissPrint is not a misprint.” Of course.