Getting dissed in the CR

I was in the children’s room today when one of my favorite child patrons, Max, came in. Max is exuberant, cute, funny and around eight years old.

After helping him several times, Max came up to me and asked if I had any good books to recommend. That can be a really broad term, especially given the different reading levels of children’s books. So, to narrow my answer, I asked Max what book he had read recently that he really liked. Max shook his head, saying, “Never mind,” and walked off in disgust. As much disgust as a child can have anyway. Or perhaps it was exasperation.

No worries, I redeemed myself later. Max came up to me asking if we had any books on spies or codes (real spies, not fiction). I was a little busy so I tried to search but it didn’t work right, so I sent him to the librarian. The librarian was busy with an extremely chatty patron. Max was waiting patiently to ask, but then I was freed up and found him a couple of books, which I pulled and gave to him to look at. I am happy to say that Max was still reading them when I left almost an hour later.

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