“I could have been a sociopath”

Ralph and I and others were comparing Christmas decorations. Ralph posited that his childhood tree was superior to all of ours in that it was mounted on a revolving base that played *drum roll* “Jingle Bells.” He may have been right.

Ralph also mentioned the traditional glass ornaments that had an indent on one side like these:


Apparently Ralph spent his youth putting his thumb through these ornaments and hiding the remains from his mother.

Ralph’s post-revelation commentary: “I could have been a sociopath.”

Exclusive bonus content:

Ralph on furnishing his studio apartment: “It’s all to scale.”

Miss Print: “Like a doll house.”

Ralph: “No. To my scale.” (Ralph is 6′ 4″.)

Passing the buck

[Enter profoundly annoying patron (to explain her profound level of annoying-ness would take a whole other post. I can’t adequately articulate my dislike anyway, so just go with it). After checking in and out, blah blah blah, the patron decided to look at the booksale area (despite having no intention of buying. She happened to find a copy of Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabrial Garcia Marquez.]

Profoundly Annoying Patron: “Why are you selling this? It’s being made into a movie.”

Miss Print: “I don’t really know . . .”

PAP: “But why would you sell it? You should add it to the collection. It’s being made into a movie.”

Miss Print: “I’m not really sure. I’m not in charge of what gets put out.”

PAP: “But I just place an order for it. Why wouldn’t the library keep it.”

Miss Print: “I’m sorry, I don’t know. Maybe the library has enough copies–”

PAP: “No there were over 200 orders.”

Miss Print: “You could ask a librarian about it. We don’t handle the sale trucks.”

[Enter GC]

Miss Print (frantically): “GC! This woman wants to talk to you.”

[PAP proceeds to repeat her diatribe to GC]

Thinking I was done with her, I walked away only to have GC call me back into the conversation.

GC: “What would you do if I added this book to the collection?”

Miss Print (after getting my first look at the book): “Delete it.” (The book was dogeared and generally gross.)

PAP: “What did she say?”

GC: “She said to get rid of it. She’s in charge of those things.”

GC went on to explain (more patiently than I might have at this point) that had the book been in better shape he would have added it, but since it was foul he chose to sell it instead as some library users “might not even want to touch it.”

I am still amazed that after I tried to pass the problem to him, GC still managed to pin it back on me. This confirms previous suspicions that GC can give as good as he can get.