Nice sweater . . .

The day after Halloween GC came in with the most bizarre sweater (in a long line of less than fashion forward sweaters). It is ochre yellow. It is machine-knitted with yarn that has enough of a nap that it looks like fur or very thin shag carpeting.

So, of course, I had to ask where it came from.

GC: “It came from a muppet. I killed it and skinned it.”

There is nothing to say to that except to express the hope that the muppet died a painless death (it did not).

The above exchange begs the question: Was the sweater bought for the express purpose of explaining its origins? Thoughts?

One thought on “Nice sweater . . .

  1. o.O
    Seriously. Sometimes I wonder about GC’s sanity.
    GC still the remains one of the funniest people. EVER.
    Yay for sarcasm and snarkiness.


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