Beating myself up (literally)

This is the last post about my recent fall, promise. Suffice it to say I ache all over. You wouldn’t think that one fall could do so much damage. I feel like I was hit by a truck or, you know, fell flat on my face.

My knee still can’t stay bent for long periods of time. One shoulder feels torn up, perhaps from breaking my fall. I have a bruise on my chest that has been aching dully since I realized it was a bruise.

I am still amazed that all of this damage was self-inflicted (albeit unintentionally).

In other news, I’m a bad person because I don’t want to iron out the detail of graduation in October. Oops.

Here’s stuff that’s done:  Schedule time to take senior picture, buy yearbook, buy ring, procure people to write recommendations, finish first draft of thesis, file for graduation, get graduation audit, find outfit for senior pic/graduation.

Here’s stuff that is not done: Apply to library school, write essay, procure actual recommendations, revise thesis, find out if graduation will have seating for the disabled (my relatives), find out if graduation will have first-come-first-served style seating, cut hair, buy cap and gown, finish thesis, talk to advisor about thesis, everything that relates to my thesis except for finishing the first draft.

Despite the fact that the second list is longer than the completed list (and the fact that it still contains the tedious items) I am feeling good about things. For the first time since I don’t remember when I feel like I am in control of my little corner of the universe.