“Go ahead, say something.”

I work with a lot of confrontational people. Or, more likely, I get on a lot of peoples’ nerve and make them edgy (I’m not proud of this and am working to fix this behavior).

The other day, after falling on my way to work, I was disinclined to do anything that could be called productive during my time off desk but not on break. So I sat down and watched other people be productive: specifically I watched one librarian be productive because no one else was in the staff room at the time. We’ll call this librarian Mr. GC, just because.

So, GC finished his time sheet, put out some  books, wandered back to his desk, put out more books. He did this so much that he was basically bouncing around like a ping pong ball. I was bored so I was watching him bounce around like a ping pong ball.

On his third rotation, without stopping, he said to me: “Go ahead, say something.”

I was speechless.

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