“Go ahead, say something.”

I work with a lot of confrontational people. Or, more likely, I get on a lot of peoples’ nerve and make them edgy (I’m not proud of this and am working to fix this behavior).

The other day, after falling on my way to work, I was disinclined to do anything that could be called productive during my time off desk but not on break. So I sat down and watched other people be productive: specifically I watched one librarian be productive because no one else was in the staff room at the time. We’ll call this librarian Mr. GC, just because.

So, GC finished his time sheet, put out some  books, wandered back to his desk, put out more books. He did this so much that he was basically bouncing around like a ping pong ball. I was bored so I was watching him bounce around like a ping pong ball.

On his third rotation, without stopping, he said to me: “Go ahead, say something.”

I was speechless.

Anatomy of a fall

Faithful readers will note that I have changed my “News” category to “Life.” This change is a direct result of my feeling guilty about people clicking on my blog from the news section of this site expecting, most likely, news and finding information about me. I’m sorry.

Anyway, I am sitting the computer lab right now instead of sitting in class because my professor didn’t bother to mention the small thing that she was not going to be in class. I am also trying to not freak out about many graduation things that have to be done in the near future. So, I decided to take some time to write a non-book-related blog for a certain reader who requested as much. After recent drama on other sites (and this blog) I must admit that I have had blogger’s block.

I have been clumsy for as long as I can remember. I know that when arthritis finally kicks in my knees will be the first thing to go because I have been falling hard on my knees since I was 14. Such was the case yesterday.  I was walking to work and tripped on the pavement falling flat on my face. My sneakers have new scuff marks, my bag a new small tear.

This is my second fall in the last three months. I scraped my left elbow, bruised my right forearm, and scraped my right knee (the same knee I scraped three months ago albeit in a different place). After falling, because I was in shock, I remained sprawled in the middle of the sidewalk contemplating how best to get up. Then a woman came to ask if I was okay. She picked up my books for me. Then a man came and hoisted me up.

So, now my knee has two distinct bruises which serve as a nice counterpoint to my scraped left shin (age: 8 location: graveled bus stop in New Jersey). On that note, I’m going to hobble off to work.

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