Fun in the Children’s Room

I should be doing reading for Seminar in Feminist Theory or, at the very least, a book review I pitched to the school paper. But instead I decided to use this valuable half-hour before prime time to write about some of the silly children I talk to at work.

• There is a class of pre-schoolers that comes in every week or so. There are maybe ten children and three teachers. The kids are four years old and are barely taller than the child-sized counter of the children’s circulation area. Every time they come in, the kids each get to pick out a book which they then check out themselves before handing to one of the teachers. Usually, I try to call the children by their names just because it’s easier to get/keep their attention that way than by saying “hey you.”

    Last week I gave a little girl her book, saying, “Here’s your book Kelly.”

    She looked at me, eyes slightly wider, and asked, “How did you know my name?”

    I told Kelly that her name was on her library card. She nodded; this made sense. Then she looked at me again and asked what my name was. I told her and she said, “Hi.”

    The next little girl in the line came up to the counter and holding her book in front of her face up to her nose whispered, “My name is Viola.”

    How cute is that?

    • Then, yesterday, a little girl and her mother came in. The mother and I had previously discussed her twenty cent fine and agreed that she would pay it another time since she didn’t have any change this time. When they come back to check out, the little girl looks at me and says, “Do we need to pay?” I tell her no. She then asks, “Then how will you get paid?”

    • Another little girl came in and proceeded to conduct the entire checkout process on her own. Except for when she had to turn to her mother (crouching beside the counter) for confirmation of certain answers (like if she liked the movies she was checking out).

    • I also had a nice chat with one little boy about how lousy and slow the library computers are.

          In summary: Kids are awesome. A fact that no one should ever forget.