Student’s regret . . .

I’m starting to remember all of the reasons I never actively pursued a minor in Women’s and Gender studies. Too bad I accidentally acquired one in spite of myself.

I’d also like to add that you know you have been spending too much time online when, upon finally starting your written homework, it takes a minute to realize you should not be typing a user id or password as part of your heading.

I also decided to change my blog layout because I’ve decided it was hard on the eyes (given the stripes I had across my vision after reading a post). The new layout hides my witty tagline, but since that had nothing to do with my blog it’s probably not a huge loss. Anyway, thoughts?

I’ve also updated my sidebar stuff. You’ll notice new widgets and capitalizations. Specifically, please note the recent posts segment for any readers who don’t feel like checking my blog every single day (don’t lie, I know you still will).

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