On being discreet

If you don’t want people to give you wary looks the next time they are discussing “confidential” matters in your presence (through no design of eavesdropping on your part), do not directly quote every single thing you hear in your blog.

Better yet, start an entirely new blog where you can remain anonymous and blog about people using nicknames or initials instead.

It might also help if you don’t reveal to friends and coworkers that you notice just about every single thing, but perhaps it’s already too late for that.

Should a friend or coworker decide to air certain grievances/share secrets with you do not share them. Obviously.

In combination these initiatives should help you create a new “reputation” among friends and coworkers. Further steps might be necessary should you decide to apply such efforts to your reputation about your family (why were you blogging about your family indiscreetly in the first place? that was just silly–and kind of dumb).

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