Five Years, Clustering: A fragmented post

I received a memo in my mailbox at work today. Apparently I am starting my fifth year working with the NYPL, a shocking milestone. This means that my annual leave accrual rate goes up, or something. Since I can’t actually read my own timesheet properly I don’t know for sure.

This Saturday found me working at a different library, Muhlenberg (I’ve decided that while keeping people mentioned in this blog anonymous is good that library branches don’t really warrant the same level of security). Muhlenberg is a small branch but it’s really cute and bright and airy. I never got a chance to see the Children’s room, but I like what I saw of the first floor. I don’t use the word “cute” lightly when I talk about buildings, so keep that in mind.

I’m not a big fan of clustering because it means that you have to be at a strange library, working with strangers. You don’t have any of your stuff and you don’t have any of your own “space.” I was particularly aggrieved this Saturday because while I was at MU my copy of Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli was still at JMR–a fact that made reading more of the book impossible.